Privacy Policy


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Privacy Policy

1. At Ceiling Fan Shop, we understand our customers’ concerns about their personal information and how it is collected and used. We guarantee that we are committed to protecting your privacy.

2. For Ceiling Fan Shop to process your order, we need your name, email or contact number, delivery address and payment details. We may share this information, and only that information which is absolutely necessary, with the third parties that are involved in the processing of your order.

3. Your Personal Information:

  • Is collected when you log in, place an order or register with us. Will not be collected if you simply visit our web site and surf our product list.
  • When you place an order and/or register your details with us, you will be asked for the following personal information: your name, email address, mailing address, delivery address and any special delivery instructions and phone number.
  • The information we collect about you is used only to process orders and to personalise your shopping experience.
  • Your personal information will never be passed onto any third party without your permission.
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